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The Bitch Doctor® Greeting Cards

The Bitch Doctor® Greeting Cards

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 The Bitch Doctor® Greeting Cards 5.5" x 8.5". Various Text. 

Comes in 8 Different Styles



"Bitch Doctor Relax...." / "...Because I said SO!"

"Bitch Doctor asks you if you will Be my Bridesmaid?" / "You know way too much to sit in the pew alone."

"Bitch Doctor advice to the Birthday Girl" / "Happy Birthday! May you party so hard you don't feel the fall off the pole."

"Bitch Doctor advice to the Bride to Be" / "Relax Honey, It's only your first marriage."

"Bitch Doctor advice to those with Men-On-Pause" / "The only thing you are sleeping with are Night Sweats"

"Bitch Doctor Mom of a Teenager" / "How many times can a woman count to 18 everyday?"

"Bitch Doctor Says..." / (blank notebook lines to fill in) "Because I Said So"

"Bitch Doctor asks if you are Happily Divorced?" / "Because Hell shouldn't actually exist here on Earth."

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