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The Bitch Doctor® Wing Sauce, Teriyaki & Ginger 13.25 oz.

The Bitch Doctor® Wing Sauce, Teriyaki & Ginger 13.25 oz.

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The Bitch Doctor® Wing Sauce, Teriyaki & Ginger, 13.25 oz., Jar. The perfect blend of zesty Ginger & the smooth finish of Tamari. The savory combination of Teriyaki and Ginger transforms any meat into an eating experience. From chicken wings to short ribs, you will discover a new way to enjoy your favorite dish.

Bitch Doctor® Wing Sauce, Teriyaki & Ginger, 13.25 oz. The perfect blend of zesty Ginger & the smooth finish of Tamari. This will make great Teriyaki Chicken Wings! 

Bitch Doctor® Teriyaki & Ginger Wing Sauce, Zesty Ginger & Smooth Tamari Soy Sauce Blend - For Chicken Wings, Pork Tenderloin, Salmon & Stir Fry - Made Balsamic Vinegar & Olive Oil. Gluten Free, Non-Gmo, Kosher - 13.25 oz in Glass Bottle - 1 Pc

Authentic Teriyaki & Ginger Blend: Infuse your chicken wings with the perfect balance of zesty ginger and the smooth richness of Tamari in Bitch Doctor® Wing Sauce, Teriyaki & Ginger. Elevate your wing game with this exotic and flavorful combination that guarantees a crowd-pleasing experience.

GINGER TERIYAKI & GARLIC INFUSION FOR EXTRA FLAVOR: Experience extra layers of amazing taste and aromas in the Bitch Doctor Teriyaki & Ginger Wing Sauce coming from the subtle hint of Garlic blended with Ginger & Tamari Soy Sauce. It's a flavorful addition that elevates the Teriyaki style, adding a touch of aromatic elegance to your culinary creations.

Picky Eater Approved: Tired of searching for the ideal chicken wing sauce for selective taste buds? Look no further. Bitch Doctor® Wing Sauce, Teriyaki & Ginger, is crafted to please even the pickiest eaters. Become the hero of your barbecue, ensuring you finish first in compliments every time.

PURE GOODNESS, NO COMPROMISES: Indulge guilt-free with Bitch Doctor Sauce, Made in the USA with flavor crafted with your well-being in mind. Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Kosher and has No High Fructose Corn Syrup - a wholesome choice for your culinary creations.

GOURMET VERSATILITY: Elevate your culinary repertoire with Bitch Doctor Sauce, a dynamic companion for all your cooking adventures. Whether you're grilling outdoors or experimenting in the kitchen, this sauce is your ticket to gourmet excellence. Let Bitch Doctor Sauce® products do the heavy lifting, so you can enjoy more time with your guests.

Introducing Bitch Doctor® Teriyaki & Ginger Wing Sauce, a flavor-packed sensation that will redefine your wing experience. This 13.25 oz bottle brings together the zesty kick of ginger and the smooth notes of Tamari, creating the perfect blend for Teriyaki Chicken Wings that will steal the show at your next barbecue. Not just limited to wings, this versatile sauce adds a burst of flavor. Crafted with premium ingredients and designed to satisfy a range of tastes, Bitch Doctor® Wing Sauce guarantees to make you the hero of any culinary adventure. Elevate your dishes with this simple yet irresistible addition – a bottle of endless possibilities.


The Bitch Doctor® Wing Sauce, Teriyaki & Ginger


Cane Sugar, Tamari Soy Sauce (Water Soybeans, Salt, Sugar), Balsamic Vinegar, Ginger, Sesame Oil, Dried Garlic, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Dried Ginger, Xanthan Gum, Natural Extractives of Ginger, Red Pepper.

Nutritional Facts Information:

Serving Size 1 Tbsp. (17g), Servings Per Container 22, Calories 35, Calories from Fat 0, Total Fat 0g, Saturated Fat 0, Trans Fat 0g, Cholesterol 0mg, Sodium 270 mg (12%), Total Carbohydrate 8g (3%), Dietary Fiber 0g, Sugars 7g, Protein 0g.

Always refer to the actual package for the most complete and accurate information.

Additional Information:


Bitch Doctor® Wings

  • Bitch Doctor® Wing Sauce, 1 Jar
  • Chicken Wings, 2 pounds
  • Butter, 1/2 lb. melted 
  1. Preheat oven to 450° F
  2. Place rack inside large baking sheet lined with aluminum foil & arrange chicken wings.  Place wings in oven & bake for 25 minutes.
  3. Remove wings from oven & coat with butter. Cook for 25 more minutes.
  4. Pour The Bitch Doctor® Teriyaki & Ginger Wing Sauce in bowl. Remove wings from oven & reduce heat to 300° F.
  5. Dip wings in sauce using tongs coating evenly. Put wings back on wire rack.  Cook 10 more minutes or until done. Enjoy!

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