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Bone Suckin' Sauce

Bone Suckin'® Sweet/Spicy Mustard, 12 oz.

Bone Suckin'® Sweet/Spicy Mustard, 12 oz.

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Bone Suckin'® Sweet Spicy Mustard 12 oz., Wins The National Championship! is the perfect blend of Brown Sugar, Molasses, & Jalapeno subtle heat.  This medium heat mustard is perfect for grilling, dipping, and even with a spoon. Fantastic on ham biscuits, grilled cheese & dogs!  Mix with cream cheese & diced onions for bagel spread. 1st Place Winner - Great American Barbecue Contest Kansas City! 

 Bone Suckin' Sweet Spicy Mustard, 12 oz in Glass Bottle - Gourmet Jalapeno Mustard, Sweet Spicy, Creamy & Tangy, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Kosher, Perfect for Hot Dogs, Brats, Sandwiches, Cheese, Seafood.

  • A SWEET SPICY MUSTARD FOR EVERY TASTE: Experience the flavors of sweet, tangy and spicy in our Sweet Spicy Mustard. From kids to adults, everyone will enjoy the pleasant burst of flavors that this versatile condiment brings to your barbecue, picnic and table.
  • IRRESISTIBLE FLAVOR BOOST: Whether making a sandwich, marinating, grilling, baking or dipping, Bone Suckin' Mustard elevates every dish into a mouthwatering masterpiece. The flavor possibilities are endless as you combine your meals with the delicious Bone Suckin' taste – Use amply for Bone Suckin’ Flavor!
  • PERFECT FOR GATHERINGS: Elevate your cooking game with our versatile sauces and seasonings. From grilling to baking, enjoy meats and veggies bursting with flavor. Let Bone Suckin' Sauce® products do the heavy lifting, so you can enjoy more time with your guests.
  • PURE GOODNESS, NO COMPROMISES: Indulge guilt-free with Bone Suckin' Mustard, Made in the USA with flavor crafted with your well-being in mind. Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Kosher and has No High Fructose Corn Syrup - a wholesome choice for your culinary creations.
  • Weekend Grilling or Gourmet Meals: Please family & friends with Bone Suckin’ Mustard, the go to mustard for all your cooking adventures. Whether you're grilling outdoors or experimenting in the kitchen, Bone Suckin’ Mustard pleases all ages.
  • Elevate your culinary creations with Bone Suckin' Sweet Spicy Mustard. Bone Suckin' Mustard is the small batch craft mustard that is 3rd party tested & verified, Made in the USA in glass bottles, beloved by the entire family for its delicious taste and unmatched versatility. This exceptional mustard is Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Kosher and has No High Fructose Corn Syrup, offering both health-consciousness and unparalleled taste and quality. From sandwiches, hot dogs, charcuterie boards, marinating, grilling, baking and dipping, Bone Suckin' Mustard transforms dishes into flavorful masterpieces. Its versatility knows no bounds, making it an essential gourmet addition to your kitchen. Embark on a culinary adventure and redefine your cooking and eating experience with Bone Suckin' Mustard.


Bone Suckin'® Sweet/Spicy Mustard

Ingredients: Organic Yellow Mustard (Water, Organic Vinegar, Organic Mustard Seed, Salt, Organic Turmeric, Organic Paprika), Brown Sugar, Organic Distilled Vinegar, Jalapeno Peppers, Salt, Modified Tapioca Starch, Extract Of Turmeric For Color, Dried Garlic.  Label 22-1

Nutritional Facts Information: Serving Size 1 Tbsp. (18g), Servings Per Container 19, Calories 30, Total Fat 0g (0%), Sodium 200mg (9%), Total Carbohydrate 6g (2%), Total Sugars 6g, Incl. 5g Added Sugars (10%), Protein 0g, Vitamin D 0mcg (0%), Calcium 12mg (2%), Iron 0mg (0%), Potassium 20mg (0%) Label 22-1

Always refer to the actual package for the most complete and accurate information

Additional Information: 

For Great Ham Biscuits - Cut up your cooked ham.

Make your favorite biscuit mix or make them from scratch with our Bone Suckin'® Cheddar Biscuit Recipe

 Top with our Bone Suckin'® Mustard.  Now you're ready to party!

 Bone Suckin’® Cuban Sandwich Recipe


  • Bone Suckin’® Mustard, 2 Tbsp.
  • Sub Roll, 1 medium
  • Baked Ham, Roast Pork, Provolone Cheese; 1/4 lb. each, thinly sliced.
  • Dill Pickles, 10 thin slices
  • Unsalted butter, 1 Tbsp.


  1. Apply Bone Suckin'® Mustard to both insides of roll.
  2. Build sandwich using pork, ham, cheese and pickles.
  3. Press sandwich in heated sandwich press coated with butter or press with another frying pan while cooking on stove.
  4. Cook until cheese is melted.
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